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🎉 PCB & AI CAR 課程盛況空前!🚀

香港仔工業中學 X TURNED-E!

太厲害了!在 TURNED-E! 導師的指導下,香港仔工業中學的同學們從基礎學習到親手設計製作,然後讓小車飛馳在賽道上。學生們不到兩個月的時間就完成了這項挑戰。


Incredible! Under the guidance of the TURNED-E! tutors, the students of Aberdeen Technical School went from basic learning to hands-on design and manufacturing, and then watched their cars race along the track. The students completed this challenge in less than two months.

On the final day of class, the students used their finished products to compete against each other. Let's give a round of applause to these future engineers! We look forward to seeing them continually strive for perfection and make greater contributions to Hong Kong's scientific research future.

This immersive learning experience not only equipped the students with practical engineering skills, but also fostered their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork spirit. The sense of achievement they gained from designing and building their own remote-controlled cars will undoubtedly inspire them to pursue even greater challenges in the field of technology.

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