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🎉拔尖工作坊!🚀 香港培正中學 X TURNED-E!

科技的進步帶動了PCB行業的蓬勃發展。TURNED-E! 為香港培正中學的學生們帶來了一次微電子工程師的體驗活動。



The rapid progress of technology has driven the flourishing development of the PCB industry. TURNED-E! brought a microelectronics engineer experience activity to the students of Pui Ching Middle School.

Through wiring, soldering electronics, and programming, the top students of Pui Ching Middle School used their hands to build their very first project - a PCB-based illuminated Easter egg.

The advancement of 5G, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence has continuously driven the surge in PCB demand. This one-day challenge was just a stepping stone for them to enter the realm of microelectronics engineering, with many more challenges awaiting them in the future. We look forward to seeing them scale new heights in their future pursuits.

This hands-on experience not only allowed the students to gain practical skills in PCB design and assembly, but also ignited their passion for technological innovation. It is undoubtedly a valuable opportunity that will lay the foundation for their future development in the field of microelectronics.

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