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【眾智成城 | CMHK x 移動教育 x TURNED-E!】


此套裝結合NBIoT通訊模組及sim card或MQTT通訊模組作為誦訊技術,可配Microbit及Arduino等編程電腦版,讓用戶擁有一插即用的物聯網學習體驗。

The "眾智成城" workshop aims to allow teachers to deepen their understanding of the features, learning topics, and teaching goals of the "眾智成城" kit through a two-hour learning session led by TURNED-E! and Mobile Education.

During the workshop, the teachers will be guided to explore the various functions of the "眾智成城" kit, such as the application of sensors, data collection and analysis, and the connection of the Internet of Things. This kit combines NB-IoT communication modules and SIM cards or MQTT communication modules as communication technologies, and can be configured with programming boards like Microbit and Arduino to provide users with a plug-and-play Internet of Things learning experience.

This workshop will equip the teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively reference the online content and conduct self-directed learning activities in the classroom, further promoting the integration of IoT technology into education.

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