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【「創意共享」產品設計比賽 2024 | 評審】【“Make an Impact” Product Design Competition 2024 | Jury Member】

由香港教育大學圖書館、企業及創新教育中心、教學科技中心和學校協作及體驗事務處聯合主辦的「創意共享」產品設計比賽,希望透過安排教大同學帶領由小學或中學同學所組成的學校團隊,根據大會指定的主題「設計實體產品或數碼方案,以改善目標群組的日常生活」,藉此培養不同級別同學的企業和創新精神,並激發他們運用 STEM 技能。

我們 TURNED-E! 十分榮幸獲得主辦方邀請作為大會評審參與了這次盛事,恭喜得獎的學生。

“Make an Impact” Product Design Competition is jointly organized by Library, CEIE, LTTC and SPFEO of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), with an objective to nourish entrepreneurial and innovative skills of students at different levels, as well as to inspire them using STEM skills by designing and prototyping products or digital solutions on the theme “To design and produce a product/prototype or digital solution to enhance living of a target group”.

We at TURNED-E! were honored to be invited by the organizers to serve as judges for this prestigious event. Our CFO, Mr. James Lam, even had the privilege of presenting the award to the winning students from S.T.F.A. Lee Shau Kee College.

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